Temporary Pack Monkey

Try before you buy!  Here is one way to make a temporary Pack Monkey at home.  I say temporary because the cardboard normally only lasts a few pack jobs before becoming too worn and flimsy.   Actually, this was my very first prototype!  Check out the About page for the whole story.

I have only tried this on my canopy (135 square foot), so am not sure how well this method works different sized canopies.  Give it a try!

First, find a cardboard box and flatten it.  There should be a segment of the box that is about 3-4 times the size of your deployment bag:


It is easier to fold the cardboard box along the longitudinal lines, so orient the box in that way.  Trim the edges of the box.  You will need a rectangle that is about 4 times the width, and 1.5 times the depth of your deployment bag:


Mark two fold lines just a little smaller than the inner width of your deployment bag.  Further, mark two additional fold lines slightly smaller than the sides of the deployment bag. 


Size and fold the cardboard piece so it fits inside of your deployment bag.  The folded edges should have a generous amount of overlap, reaching the other edge of the box.  See the following picture:


Follow the steps on the instruction page to try packing using your temporary Pack Monkey.  You can still take advantage of the key benefit of using Pack Monkey: containing the canopy neatly so you can put it in the bag:



With a little practice, you will be packing as neatly as this, without struggling, every time you pack!